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Complete the EDIS Online User Registration form to become a registered user of the EDIS system. Please enter information in all required fields unless designated as optional. If you are a general external user who is NOT planning to participate in investigations, please register by clicking on the Not Applicable button for the Firm/Organization field.

If you are a general external user and do NOT see your Firm/Organization listed, please select the New Request button and fill out required fields to request your Firm/Organization to be added to the list. Continue to complete your user registration with *Not Listed as your firm. This will not restrict your abilities to access or file documents in EDIS. Once your firm is approved, the EDIS Administrator will change your user account to reflect the Firm name accurately for later document submissions.

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External Users: Enter the Personal profile Information Below. USITC Employees: Enter your Full name,office/division and USITC email address.

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EDIS Registration - Terms of Use Agreement

Please read the following Terms of Use Agreement and click Accept to continue to create a new EDIS account.

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) requires all users to register a valid Username to access the agency's Electronic Document Information System (EDIS). Registered users will have the ability to electronically file documents and use the EDIS search function. In addition, registered users will have access to advanced EDIS features such as report generation.

Registration requires the user to provide basic identifying information such as name, firm and/or organization affiliation, email address, and other identifying characteristics. For more information on registered user status and requirements, see Who Should Register?

Registered users may file documents electronically via EDIS for inclusion in USITC investigations. Public documents may be viewed by all registered users. External registered users will only be able to review the metadata of confidential documents when using the search function and not the actual text of the document. Registered users who file documents electronically will receive an automated notice of receipt upon completion of a valid submission.

All users must comply with the standard rules and exceptions for electronic filing and paper filing contained in the Handbook on Electronic Filing Procedures (EFP Handbook) and CFR 19 Part 200. These requirements include but are not limited to the following: documents must be filed by the registered user whose name appears on the signature line(s) of the document or the responsible attorney whose name appears on the document, the timeliness of all filings and their accuracy is the sole responsibility of the filer, the filer is responsible for preserving Confidential Business Information (CBI) and Business Propriety Information (BPI), the filer must comply with the fair use doctrine for any material subject to copyright, and the filer must protect all valid or pending trademarks and patents. In addition, all filers must comply with any additional requirements pertaining to any Administrative Protective Order (APO) or Administrative Law Judge's Judicial Protective Order (JPO) issued during the course of an investigation.

Users are required to report any unauthorized release of sensitive or protected material such as BPI or CBI to Docket Services (202-205-3347) and the Secretary to the United States International Trade Commission (202-205-2000). Any user who fails to comply with the conditions set forth in this document may be denied access to EDIS depending on the nature, severity, frequency, and mitigating circumstances of the user's actions. In addition, separate sanctions may be imposed for instances of misconduct and the release of protected information as set forth under the Commission rules, CFR 19 Part 200, and any other applicable federal laws or regulations.

EDIS Privacy Act Statement

Creating a U.S. International Trade Commission ("USITC") Electronic Document Information System ("EDIS") account and accessing the system provides the USITC with information about you. EDIS collects personal information about EDIS system users.

Purpose: EDIS is a USITC web service and database that manages documents comprising the official record of investigations conducted by the USITC. Individuals may create EDIS accounts to submit and access certain documents filed in relation to USITC investigations. The USITC will use individuals’ EDIS account information to track user access and other actions conducted on the system to ensure the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of its information.

Authority: This information is collected pursuant to 19 U.S.C. §§ 1330-1335, 1337, 1671-1677n, 2151, 2213, 2251-2254, 2436, 2482, 2704, 3204, 3353, 3372, 3381, 3804; and 7 U.S.C. § 624.

Routine Uses: USITC personnel and contractors may use this information in order to assist with a dministration, use, and/or maintenance of EDIS. The USITC may disclose information in EDIS to other agencies or other entities in appropriately limited circumstances. For more information, see USITC System of Records Notice, ITC-12, "System Access Records", located at 82 Fed. Reg. 45046, 45057 (Sep. 27, 2017).

Effect of Not Providing All or Any Part of the Requested Information: Disclosure of the information requested by the EDIS is required in order to create an EDIS account. If you decide not to furnish all or part of the requested information, you may be unable to create an EDIS account and access the information within EDIS.